Evesham's Talking Newspaper is compiled by a team of volunteers, at a recording studio, in John Martin's Charity office, Evesham.

The Editor previously selects items from local newspapers and magazines, ready for reading during the recording session. These will include family announcements, suitable "what's on" events, sporting news, and planned roadworks/diversions. Birthday greetings are also read out.

The Readers take it in turn to read the various news items.

The Technician manages the recording of the session, via microphones, a recording desk, and computer, and then adds any pre recorded interviews by our Roving Reporter. A master recording is produced, which is left in the studio for copying. The two weeks of recording is approximately 1 1/2 hours long.

The Copiers make further copies of the master memory stick, and place them in the wallet to send out to our listeners. Records are maintained of returned and dispatched envelopes.

The Listener opens the wallet, and plugs the memory stick into the player to listen to the latest local news. Having heard the recording, they return the memory stick in the same wallet, within a few days.

It's as simple as that!!

Here is a picture of the editor, three newsreaders and technicians as they record the week's news.

This is a modern USB memory stick. It can store 512MB of data and easily stores an hour and a half of 'talking newspaper'.

These are posted to listeners every fortnight.

 This machine is able to rapidly produce copies of the original recording, onto USB memory sticks, ready for sending out to listeners

Receiving the TN is often a very welcome item in a blind person's life and we always tell them about the national newspapers and national magazines available. The Calibre Library for the Blind, a free service which operates by post from Aylesbury, has a comprehensive selection of books. CD's can be borrowed free of charge from the public library by our listeners and there is a good stock of both books and music in the branches; the mobile van will also try to meet requests form the blind. We like to get feedback from our listeners and have two blind Committee members whose opinions we value.

Evesham TN is a registered charity and is run by a committee. We try to keep sufficient capital to replace any equipment. Our running expenses are modest, and we do get occasional welcome donations which are usually enough to cover replacement of tapes and players. Additional extras for example purchase of the latest electronic recording devices, can be very expensive.

This is one of the padded envelopes that is used to distribute the memory sticks. The listeners' addresses are printed on a card that can be reversed to reveal the return address.

Here you can see the old fashioned audio cassette player on the right, with the modern equivalent on the left. This is a USB speaker. Just plug in the memory stick and it plays the recording. You can play tracks in any order and is also portable as it can be battery operated. 

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