Roving Reporter

Peter Wisbey is our very own 'Roving Reporter'. He has been touring the Vale of Evesham for news stories of special interest. You can browse through the recordings below.

Lest We Forget (November 2013)

Rememberance readings by pupils from Prince Henry's High School.

Lest We Forget.mp3

Badsey Flower Show (July 2013)

Visit Badsey for the 111th flower show.

Badsey Flower Show.mp3

Blue Whale (July 2013)
The story of the blue whale, carved from wood.

Blue Whale.mp3

Kim Skipsey (June 2013)
An insight into the activities provided by support workers at rooftop housing for the community.

Kim Skipsey.mp3

Caring Hands in the Vale (April 2013)
Diane Bennett, a community worker at the Caring Hands in the Vale centre talks about the work they carry out to help people in the community.

Caring Hands in the Val.mp3

Gary Andrews Asparagus Grower (January 2013)
Our local asparagus grower, Gary Andrews comments on the forthcoming bridge construction and its impact on Abbey Road.

Gary Andrews Asparagus Grower.mp3


The Avon Floods (December 2012)

Peter Wisbey explores the extent of the flooding along Waterside in Evesham.

Floods (Dec 2012).mp3


Dave Purser (November 2012)
Dave Purser, Evesham butcher, gives us his views on the forthcoming bridge building saga.

007 Dave Purser (Butcher).mp3

Iris Pinkstone (July 2012) 

The anniversary of the Battle of Evesham is looming!

007 Iris Pinkstone.mp3

Bob & Hazle Cross (July 2012) 

Step back in time to some early recordings of the talking newspaper.


007 Bob And Hazel Cross.mp3

Brian Chilver (July 2012) 

The future of Evesham - the meeting of the Civic Society.


River Thames Procession (June 2012) 

Following the progress of the Lord Toulouse in the Queen's diamond jubilee pageant.


007 River Thames Procession.mp3

Jubilee Pageant (May 2012) 

The journey of a narrow boat to take part in the Queen's diamond jubilee.

007 Jubilee Pageant.mp3


Margaret Hodgetts (Mar 2012)

A local children's author tells us how she became a writer.


007 Margaret Hodgetts.mp3


The Lost Abbey of Evesham (February 2012)

The story of the rise and fall of the Abbey of Evesham.


007 Lost Abbey of Evesham.mp3

Trees - Jill Phipps (February 2012)

An interesting article about the trees around us.


007 Jill Phipps - trees.mp3

Regal Cinema (January 2012)

The grand opening of the newly refurbished Regal Cinema in Port Street.

007 Regal Opening Night.mp3


The Jim Swingler Story (November 2011)

Jim takes you back to the start of his 33 year career in the 'Talking Newspaper'. 

007 The Jim Swingler Story.mp3

Share & Learn Group (August 2011)

Information about learning activities held at the Share & Learn Group. 

007 Share and Learn Group.mp3


Narrow Boats (July 2011)

A look at life on a narrow boat and the joys of travelling the waterways. 

007 Narrow Boats.mp3


Glenda Harrison Cooking Course (March 2011)

Glenda provides a service to teach young new mothers how to cook. 

008 Glenda Harrison Interview.mp3


Labrador Puppies (January 2011)

The journey a labrador puppy takes from birth to a fully trained guide dog.

007 Labrador Puppies.mp3

Wynn Huxley Interview (recorded by Francis Smith in December 2010)

A teatime chat with a long time resident of the Vale.

007 Wynn Huxley Interview.mp3


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