Recording 1037 - April 5th 2023

News articles from the Evesham Journal dated 23rd and 30th March.

Listen to the heartwarming story of 4 million steps being walked in support of Hope House Children's Hospice along with 'Shine A Light on Volunteers' in recognition of the Coronation Champions Award Scheme and the fate of the rescued chicken in Bretforton.

Family Announcements. Some interesting information on modern technology and 'Talking Glasses'. What's On tells of the return of Evesham's much loved River Festival on 8th July after an absence of 3 years.

The Sports Report includes some interesting historical information of Evesham United Football Club who this year celebrate their 100th birthday.

The recording concludes with a lovely piece about the Duchess of Northumberland and the transformation of Alnick Castle.