Recording 1042 - June 14th 2023

News items and family announcements from the Evesham Journals dated 1st and 8th June.

You can tell it's summer because of all the Festivals. In this recording there is mention of Mello Festival at Upton, Pershore Carnival, Evesham Food and Drink Festival and even one of Worcestershire's stars appearing at Glastonbury in August.

Our railway station is competing to be the region's champion in the World Cup of Stations 2023. World Cider Day was reported on and there were a number of unusual items such as the finding of a Viking axe; a planned charity event involving carrying a washing machine on a strongman's back for 5 kilometres and a retired vicar's 425 mile walk for Shelterbox.

Jelly Pickle Jam in Evesham has been named the county's most charming café.

On a somber note, there is a two part report of a fatal fire in Honeybourne.

Tony Perfect, as usual, provides an interesting Sports Report and the recording concludes with the second installment from the life of Diana Raphael.