Recording 1048 - September 6th 2023

News items from the Evesham Journal of the 24th and 31st August and the Evesham Observer of the 1st September and listen out for a superb rendition of the poem 'Old Joe' from September's edition of The Vale Magazine. Also included are Family Announcements.

There is coverage of the GCSE and A Level results as well as reports of recent music festivals. The ever popular Pershore Plum Festival also gets a mention/

Local boy has his book published and a local girl competes in the Grand National - on a Shetland Pony - at Moreton Show. A number of crime reports feature the illegal sale of cigarettes and a nurse being struck off for inappropriate behaviour.

The Sports Report features goalball, a team game for Visually Impaired players and presages the Invictus Games.

Diana Raphael's story concludes with amusing recollections of TV Royalty at Hampton Ferry.